Mouton Blanc Farms specializes in White Dorper Sheep. The White Dorper Sheep is a hearty breed of sheep that resulted from crossing Dorset sheep with the Black Headed Persian. The result is an easy care sheep. Dorpers are easy lambers with good maternal instincts.

What characteristics does Mouton Blanc breed for?
At Mouton Blanc we breed our sheep for several traits;
  • Easy  lambing: our sheep give birth in the field and generally are not assisted. Older Ewes needing assistance are culled from the flock.

  • Twins and triplets: High birth rates are vital to the sustainability of our farm. A lamb who is born a twin or triplet is more likely to pass that trait on to it's offspring.

  • Hooves: To some people, breeding for hooves might seem like a silly idea. Have you ever tried to catch a sheep? If you have then you will know why we are breeding for easy care hooves! Hoof trimming is a difficult and labor intensive job. We try to breed our animals so that hoof trimming is only a once a year event as opposed to several times a year for most sheep. This saves you time and money.

  • Wool: Contrary to what many people think, not all sheep are created equal. White Dorpers are hair sheep and actually shed their fleece. Some White Dorpers shed more than others. We select only the sheep that shed the most for our breeding program. Sheering a sheep is time consuming and often, not profitable or only marginally so. A shedding sheep is an easy care sheep. 

  • Weight: We breed for robust growth. Our sheep are bred to grow quickly and gain weight fast.



Below, are actual pictures taken on our farm.  Check out the "For Sale" page to see if you could take one of these little darlings home. 


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