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Check out the great comments from Happy Puppy Parents!


He loves to get exercise and brings a toy to everyone he greets. He is now 80 lbs and is a sweet, energetic and beautiful boy!




We still can't get over how blessed we are to have such a good pup. Literally the easiest dog you can imagine. I took her to puppy training lessons 1 day and was told by the instructor they've never seen such a young puppy so well mannered. (And honestly they couldn't figure out what more to teach her, she needed to go to a more difficult class). Reagan is known around town which is pretty funny. She goes everywhere with us (last night we did our weekly trip to cold stone, Reagan loves the puppy ice cream). But my clients now ask when they book their massage if Reagan will be there for the day. Haha. We love how much joy she brings to not only us but everyone she comes in contact with. This month has been crazy but hopefully we will be making her a service dog here soon, she is certainly the perfect dog for it. Oh and she's a healthy eater, as treats she likes carrots, apples and sweet potatoes. She loves to retrieve (everything, which can sometimes get interesting).  We had a spell of her taking any and all clothes of ours outside. I'm sure our neighbors loved that. Haha. Lastly, she is just starting to figure out she can swim, it's too funny watching how excited water makes her.




Dexter is doing wonderfully! He is such a sweetheart! We are having a blast with him, even through all of the crazy puppy moments over the past year.:) He loves water- and while we don't have a real pool the "Toys R Us" plastic kiddie pool works great! And he is still a huge fan of the sprinkler. I think he loves it as much- if not more- than us! He loves one on one dog play dates. Thank you again for this wonderful sweetheart!




Such a sweet girl.  Thought you'd like to see.



Just wanted to say thank you for bringing us to the worlds best boy! He is our biggest blessing. He is the sweetest pup, so smart, and could not be cuter!




She is perfect. She is light. Hasn't lost puppy teeth yet but I have been taking her to puppy classes once a week and she is doing great. Sleeps either in our old dogs kennel that is built into our house or on our bed or anywhere. Pretty much totally potty trained, barks at door when she wants to go out. Loves ice! Really great dog!




We had a great experience getting our puppy from Nancy and her husband. We enjoyed getting updates and seeing pictures of the puppies as they grew. They made the whole process of getting a new puppy simple and stress free. We are absolutely in love with our puppy, Finn. He is the easiest, smartest puppy we have had. He is fantastic with our small children. I highly recommend Mouton Blanc Farms!


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