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Miniature/Mid-Sized Jerseys are a terrific beginning breed for a small homestead wanting a friendly, easy milking dairy cow. Not only are they easy keepers, they are generally docile and curious. Additionally, they have few birthing complications and are good mothers. Miniature Jerseys eat less than a standard cow and therefore cost less to keep.  A typical Miniature Jersey only needs a half acre of pasture, as opposed to a full sized cow that may need an acre or more. A Miniature Jersey is small and stands between 38" and 42" inches tall.  While a Mid-sized Jersey is 43-48 inches tall.  Miniature and Mid-sized Jersey cows are rare and in short supply, as they are perfect for small farms, homesteaders, or preppers. They will produce approximately 3 gallons of milk a day.


Our Miniature/ Mid-Sized Jerseys are registered or can be registered with the AMJA.

We are a breeder of Miniature/ Mid-Sized Jerseys and we do not milk. Our cows vary in height and the best way to decide which cow is the best fit for your farm is to make an appointment to visit us. 

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