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Our Process



Thank you for considering a Golden Retriever from Mouton Blanc Farms. The price of our puppies is $2500.00 each. They come vet checked, dewormed, with their first puppy shot, and all AKC paperwork. The balance due on the puppy will be collected at pickup in cash (no checks, no PayPal ,etc.) Annie's puppies were born on December 17, 2021 and will be ready to go to their new homes starting the first week of February, 2022. 


Non-refundable deposits of $500.00 are required to reserve your puppy. Puppy selection is based upon the order in which the deposit is received, and are gender specific. Balances are due in cash at time of pickup. In the event a puppy is not available by death, miscarriage, single gender litter, etc., our clients who have a deposit down on a puppy have the option of a refund or transferring their deposit to an available or future litter. Generally, deposits can be made in cash, via PayPal, Venmo or check. Again, balances are due in cash at the time of pickup.

Waiting List:

We maintain a waiting list on all of our litters. If you have interest in a puppy please contact us and let us know if you would like a male or a female. There is no obligation to purchase a puppy from us once they are born and there is no fee to be on our waiting list. When the puppies are born we go down the waiting list in the order in which you contacted us. At that time should you still want a puppy we request a $500.00 non-refundable deposit. This deposit is rolled into the total price of your puppy. 


Puppy Selection:

Puppy selection will begin at approximately 5 weeks. You are welcome to come out to the farm to select your puppy or you may do it via pictures and video. We often have clients who travel long distances to purchase a puppy from us and this arrangement helps them to not have to make multiple trips. It therefore is vitally important that you arrive on time for your puppy selection and pickup. If you fail to do so your selection slot will be given to the next family and you will drop down the list for your selection/pickup. If you fail to keep a second appointment you will forfeit your puppy and your deposit. Please make every effort to keep your appointment and inform us as soon as possible if there is a problem. If you cannot pickup your puppy at your designated appointment time; you will forfeit your deposit and your puppy will be offered to another family. We will contact you to schedule an appointment for pickup. 

Health Guarantee:

When the puppies leave our possession they have received their first puppy shot, been checked and confirmed as healthy by our vet, and have been dewormed.


Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, of sound mind, and free of physical defect as apparent to the naked eye. The puppy will have seen the vet, is current on vaccinations, health checked by our vet and dewormed. Purchaser agrees to visit the vet for a complete physical examination of the puppy within 72 hours of purchase. If before 72 hours after pickup, a veterinarian determines a congenital problem dating from the prenatal stage that results in immediate death (natural or euthanasia-necropsy made available to the breeder) the puppy may be returned for a full refund within 24 hours of vet evaluation.Your puppy is warranted against Parvo and Distemper for 7 days following the pickup of your puppy. This entire agreement is null and void if purchaser does not take the puppy to first vet visit within 72 hours of pick up time listed below. We do not pay for vet visits. Coccidia, bacterial infections, Parasites and Giardia are not warranted as they are common in puppies and can be acquired at any time by your puppy. Purchaser understands that bacterial infections, Coccidia, worms, etc. are are common in young puppies and combating such infections are part of routine puppy care.

Purchaser agrees to not take their puppy to parks or have them around non-vaccinated dogs until they receive at least their second puppy vaccine.

Buyer agrees to take their pup to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pick up for a health check. Documentation of this visit should be sent back to us by either you or the veterinarian. Send documentation via email to All veterinary care is paid for by the buyer.


A puppy may be returned for any reason within 72 hours of pick up for a refund, less the deposit received. Refunds are given after the puppy have been returned to Mouton Blanc Farms and has undergone a complete health check by our veterinarian and has completed our period of isolation with no health issues presenting.


We have had our females tested for the following genetic diseases common in Golden Retrievers: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-1,PRA-2) and Muscular Dystrophy (MD). We warrant our puppies against the following the above genetic diseases for 2 years. 

If your pup is determined by your veterinarian and confirmed by our vet to have one of the above genetic diseases we will refund the entire cost of your puppy. We reserve the right to have our veterinarian examine your dog or do diagnostic testing before making a final decision. We also require the name and phone number of the diagnosing vet and permission from the purchaser to speak with him. All decisions concerning refunds/replacements are at the discretion of Mouton Blanc Farms.


Unfortunately, as with humans most problems with dogs do not show up until middle or old age. All animals eventually develop health issues. We have designed our breeding program to mitigate as many potential problems as possible for as long as possible but even the best parents do not guarantee against future health issues. Therefore, we do not warrant your dog against hip and elbow problems, allergies, skin problems, heart problems, eye disease, hearing loss, kidney or renal issues, behavioral problems, cancer, or any other disease unless specifically mentioned in this contract. Many if not most of these problems can be mitigated though proper diet, preventive vet care and exercise.

The buyer is solely responsible for all veterinarian bills.

This health guarantee only applies to those puppies who were sired by Boone. 


Puppy Care and owner Expectations:

Buyer agrees to provide a healthy diet, and will endeavor to ensure the pup maintains a healthy weight.


Buyer will also provide the puppy with daily exercise, human contact and a warm place to sleep. The puppy will not be housed outdoors, on a chain, or be left unattended in a kennel. Please love your puppy and treat it like a member of your family. If your puppy does not receive enough attention behavioral issues may result and will make void our warranty in full.


Buyer agrees to keep the puppy on a vaccination schedule, without interruption including heart worm prevention. Failure to do so voids all guarantees. 


We highly recommend having your dog microchipped


Your puppy is sold with limited registration


This agreement is void in its entirety if it is found that the pup/dog has been mistreated, abused, or neglected in any way. 


Please be sure your new puppy has a constant supply of fresh water. Puppies drink a tremendous amount of water. It is extremely important to have plenty of water available to prevent dehydration, bladder infections and to maintain optimal health.


We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chow-chicken and rice formula. You can continue on this food or switch to another. If you switch food do it over a few days to avoid stomach issues with your puppy. Please do not feed your puppy a grain-free diet.

The agreement above is between Mouton Blanc Farms,LLC referred to as the seller and_______________________________, the purchaser. The seller transfers all rights, privileges, and responsibilities associated with ownership of the male/female dog of the Golden Retriever breed, to the purchaser as of the date and time specified below.

I have read, understand, and agree to the teams and conditions stated above:

Purchaser:                                                                                                      Seller:

Pick up Date:                                                                                                  Date:

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